Podcast ideas

Angela Young on February 10, 2022

Podcast ideas

Do you struggle to come up with podcasting ideas for your episodes and shows? Your mind may be filled with many ideas, but you cannot settle on just one. The number of podcast topics is overflowing, and as the audience for podcasts continues to grow on a daily basis, it is essential to find that perfect topic that will interest not just you but also your future audience. 

Make a podcast on various topics

It's all about coming up with relevant podcast ideations, within the context of narrowing down those ideas in order to develop content that's relevant to your business. We will share some podcasting tips for generating new ideas.

The best way to come up with a podcast idea

Do you have any questions you would like to ask? Think about "why" and "how" questions that interest you, and pursue them.

A topic or issue that matters deeply to you. Concerned about the environment or equality for women? Which topic always gives you the urge to speak out? Choose topics that matter to you, and maybe you can turn them into a podcast.

Podcasts are started for various reasons. What is your reason for starting your own podcast? Could it be that you wish to increase your sales? Finding out why you want to start a podcast is important.

After you've developed your style and your identity as a podcaster, consider who you're going to target. How would your potential clients or audience behave if they listened to your podcast? What are they asking, or what are they concerned about? Try to picture your listener in a conversation. What are things you would enjoy discussing with them?

If you consider these basic questions when planning a podcast, you would start coming up with a rough outline. The theme won't be specific but at least the general ideas will flow. 

Here are 15 podcast episode ideas

#1 Technological advances

Make sure your listeners are informed about the latest technological developments, such as podcasts, videography, gaming and photography. You can talk about famous people associated with technology or tech firms.

#2 Q&A 

Prepare a podcast in advance by picking up listener questions and answering them. Every now and then, you might consider hosting a live Q&A as part of your marketing efforts. You should pose one profound question per episode if you want to sustain this structure over time. Interview people and turn it into a podcast discussing some mind-boggling questions.

#3 counseling sessions 

Do you work as a counselor or coach? Live sessions with a common problem and how to solve it or a simple subject that everyone can relate to can be recorded. The best podcast content is created by one-on-one sessions, which are simple to produce.

#4 Coaching sessions

A coaching podcast is just like the daily advice you get on your phone, only in a more substantive way. As a podcast host, offer your advice and best tips in a specific niche, like online marketing, career or self-improvement. For a successful coaching podcast, provide listeners with the opportunity to submit their questions.

#5 Stories in short form

Your podcast might be a good place to share your short interesting stories if you're a writer. In addition, listeners can submit short stories you can read. Create content that is funny, scary or based on a true event.

#6 A guide to meditations

Guided meditations are best experienced through podcast episodes. Provide your podcast listeners with relaxation exercises aimed at a variety of emotions and topics, including frustration, guilt, guilt, fear, gratitude, among others.

Start a podcast topic on day in the life of aspiring people

#7 Reviews of products

Provide your listeners with product reviews so that they don't have to fret about what they're buying. Any review will do, whether it's about beauty products, designer labels, skincare, cars, sports equipment, or footwear.

#8 Thought for the Day 

Each day, share a great piece of advice, encouragement, inspiration, or motivation with your listeners in a brief podcast. Let them know how this advice has worked for you and how you've applied it in your life. Your podcast can also be made more engaging by asking listeners for their thoughts.

#9 Reviews of books, movies, and albums 

Creating a podcast review is easy and popular. You can review a new book, film, or album every week from a particular genre. This format of podcasts also makes them a great choice for a book discussion group, in which you can discuss the book with a few listeners or invite guests.

#10 Podcast about traveling 

Whether you tell stories about your travel experiences or interview travelers, each episode will take your listeners on a new adventure. You can also share travel hacks on your travel podcast. Depending on your objectives, you can concentrate on a nation or region, or take the whole world into account.

#11 Being an entrepreneur

Are you familiar with the process of starting a business? Many millennials have side hustles or small businesses, and they may need guidance scaling them. Share tips and advice with them to help them grow.

# 12 Financial planning 

Because we have all struggled with managing our finances at some point, personal finance is a popular podcast topic. You could devote your show to single-parent households, foreigners abroad, or any other audience you wish.

 #13 ASMR

The ASMR topic can be an excellent podcast topic for people who don't want to spend too much time or enjoy talking. Your episodes could be about opening a new packet of chips or chocolates or whispering soothing sounds.

#14 Paranormal

Things that seem strange, spooky, or unexplained are commonly investigated. To explore these enigmas, create a podcast and choose a new mystery for every episode.

#15 Fun for kids 

Podcasts are also popular with kids! You can provide educational material, such as supplemental materials, or engaging entertainment like some cartoon review or game review. Make sure you target a specific age group when making a kids' podcast.

It is wonderful and challenging to launch a new podcast. The world is full of ideas, so never limit yourself to one! Find a good podcast ideas that inspires you, and give it some thought. Your motivation to make new episodes will always be high if you have that passion to be heard.

Angela Young
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