Podcast Production for Charities

The popularity of podcasts has soared in the last few years with nearly 100 million people listening to at least one episode per month. This presents a huge opportunity for Charities to benefit from, enabling you to reach a wide audience in an accessible and personable way.

Raising Awareness of your Charity

At Cambridge Podcasts, we create podcasts that tell your story, build connections with your audience, and demonstrate your charity’s impact.
What makes podcasts even more beneficial to the charity sector is a podcast’s ability to raise awareness whilst maintaining affordability.

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Our Podcasting Experience Working With Charities

We hold a wealth of experience working with charities, using our expertise and knowledge to support and develop your marketing strategies. You can review some of our work here, (CTA) examples include a series with the Internet Watch Foundation which actively removes explicit child abuse material from the internet and our work with the Brain Tumour Charity which promotes awareness of the vital research they are undertaking.

Get In Touchpodcasts for charities

Engage Your Audience

Podcasts can act as a hugely successful tool for establishing a connection with existing and potential donors, offering insight into the work your charity carries out, the people who have benefited from your charity, your fundraising events and much, much more. Podcasts bring life to your charity, enabling you to reach people wherever they are, whilst delivering your message in an engaging and entertaining way.

Access More Funding

Podcasting is also an excellent way of accessing more funding. Donors can support your charity by sponsoring your podcast, signing up for a subscription to listen to your episodes and so much more. We have supported charities in monetising their podcasts to enhance charity income, creating compelling content that ensures listeners are engaged with what you have to say.

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Charities are fantastic at telling real-life stories to encourage donors to support them, what better way of telling your story than with the real voice of someone who has benefitted from funding, or the voice of the charity themselves? Podcasts offer a fresh approach to reaching your donors in a creative, emotive way.

Looking to create a podcast for your charity?

Podcasts for Charities

Anyone can start a podcast but making it successful is an entirely different matter. If you would like to learn more about the work we do and how we can transform your charity’s marketing, contact our team who would love to ‘listen’ to your needs.

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