Podcast Production for Universities

Since 2013, podcast listening has risen by 10% to 20% every single year, so it’s an easily made decision to use this to your institutions’s advantage to showcase its knowledge and expertise.

At Cambridge Podcasts, we appreciate the necessity to demonstrate measurable impact for higher education settings. Recruiting and retaining students can be competitive, particularly within the confines of budgetary restrictions, we believe that podcasts are an affordable and highly effective way to propel marketing efforts and to build a connection with your audience.

Every higher education setting can hugely benefit from having its own podcast network, from interviews with students and professors, highlighting campus events and providing study tips, to showcasing the community and what there is to gain by enrolling; creative podcasting can deliver huge rewards!

Why should you consider podcasting for your education setting?

Podcasts for Universities can create and maintain a connection with your target demographic. If done correctly, it’s an opportunity to share knowledge, showcase your expertise and reach prospective students wherever they are.

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Our Podcasting Experience With Universities

We have a longstanding experience in developing Podcasts for Univesities. Since our begining we've worked with many institutions & academic departments including the University of Cambridge, and St John's Innovation Centre.

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Anywhere. Anytime

The benefits of podcasts for your setting doesn’t end here. Podcasts have the added advantage of being able to be heard anywhere, anytime; combine this with increased accessibility by using smart devices, a podcast means more prospective students can be reached than ever before.

Creative, Effective Marketing

In creating content that listeners find valuable, educational settings can cultivate brand awareness with a wider range of prospective students, alumni and even listeners interested in a specific topic, propelling marketing efforts further than ever before.

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Podcasts for Universities

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