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St. John’s Innovation Centre

St John's Innovation Centre exists to provide a dynamic & supportive incubation environment to…
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A Tender Moment

HRudkin Consulting is an independent consultant supporting companies large and small to win…
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Pixels From A Crime Scene

The screen goes dark for a second. The room is in shadow. Somewhere, a child is crying. From the…
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A Sense of Tumour

They say laughter is the best medicine - so join me on a sometimes humorous but hopefully…
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Notable Clients

When Cambridge University Library was given the archive of the satirical TV series Spitting Image, Cambridge Podcasts made a podcast about the donation. We arranged interviews with library staff as well as creator Roger Law, a former Cambrigde resident, and Steve Nallon, the actor who played Margaret Thatcher. And to show how good our connections are, we even managed to speak to Mrs Thatcher from beyond the grave. She speculated on the possibility of coming back to life with the help of 3D printing experts from the university: