Selling products with podcasts

Angela Young on February 10, 2022

Selling products with podcasts

Oftentimes, audio is not thought of when they are developing a new product sales campaign. However, it should be. Today, podcasts are known for being one of the best ways to engage consumers. The average listener will buy an item or service after hearing a podcast. The impact podcasts can have on consumers, no matter where they are, is unparalleled

Today, the world is utilizing technology to the fullest extent. It is the power of podcasts to reach millions and the ability to sell products that bring maximum revenue and more value.  

Listeners consider audio to be more personally engaging since hosts can directly address them. In turn, consumers feel a closer connection to the brands and products they buy. Additionally, audiences engage with the narrative much more,  since they are challenged to picture what is being described. This brings us to the topic of selling products on podcasts.

How can your business utilize podcasts?

Putting it simply, here are two approaches in which you can use podcasts as part of your marketing strategy:

1. Producing your own podcast and sharing your own products.

 Creating a Podcast

No matter the size of your company or your budget, podcasts are an engaging, interactive method to grow your business. For starters, you can easily start a podcast with your tablet or smartphone. There are a lot of benefits associated with podcasts, including the ability to work around a busy schedule, since they are typically unscripted. Moreover, podcasting lets you showcase your authenticity, which is valuable in building your brand's integrity and credibility.

To avoid paying any fee, it makes sense to offer an online course or allow downloads from your own website. If you have a podcast, direct your listeners to a landing page for more information about your business or to promote it on social media.

2. The promotion of your product or service through existing podcast hosts.

Advertising on branded Podcasts

Contacting existing podcasters directly or via a third party can expose your content to a broader audience by showcasing the opinions of the hosts who endorse your brand. Podcast series ads generate the most interest if they are narrated by the hosts themselves. A tacky, obnoxious radio or TV commercial doesn't do well with listeners as much as conversational content. Sell affiliate products in collaboration with multiple podcasts.

Before contacting a podcast host, here are a few steps you can take to ensure the data provided is accurate.

Generally speaking, you can get a good idea of their podcast's success by checking out an influential platform like SoundCloud or Spotify.

Even if podcasters don't usually stream episodes on social media, they often promote their shows using social media. You should check how many people follow, like, and engage with these pages. 

Signs of social engagement and following might be helpful in determining if a person has a legitimate loyal audience.

You might benefit from working with a reputable network. Accredited networks may share podcast numbers with current or potential advertisers. Observing the success of other shows on the network can also give you a sense of how engaging its content is.

To sell your products on podcasts, here are some tips:

Choose podcasts that have something to do with your brand or industry

Podcasts provide a great platform for connecting with niche audiences within your industry, mainly due to their wide availability.

Podcast with relevant content for niche audience is the key

Listeners may be more likely to be interested in ads that relate to the topic of the podcast episode or series. In addition, it's a wise move since listening to your service may help alleviate some of the difficulties people in the industry experience.

Consider your competitors as a source of inspiration

As you implement new advertising or marketing strategies, conducting an analysis of your competitors can assist you in identifying their strategies, thereby providing opportunities for you to gain the upper hand.

When your competitor advertises on a number of podcasts, you might want to take a look at those shows as well. Consider shows where non-competitive offerings are advertised by brands in your industry.

If the podcast is successful or has a large network, you can find out how to get in touch with them, or even find related podcasts. 

Rather than buying one ad for big podcasts, buy several for small shows

In your podcast research, it is possible to find many shows that are relevant to your product. The question is: Are you spending your money on one expensive advertisement on the most popular podcast, or are you spreading it out among many ads across different podcast episodes?

A single ad on a big show does not have the same impact as many ads on a smaller show

If podcasts have a huge subscriber base and a high advertising rate, advertisers will charge significantly more for a single ad. It could increase your visibility, but it could also lead to a significant loss of revenue. Therefore, you should follow the advice and opt to reach more people through frequency rather than reaching everyone at once.

Check out a handful of smaller podcasts with engaging content and a strong connection to your business or product. Then, allocate some of your marketing budget to each. When some podcasts fail, but others prove successful, you might consider replacing them with other shows or increasing advertisement for podcasts that are generating revenue or branding visibility.

Multiply your advertising on various podcast networks

Find a network that produces multiple shows aligned with your product if you plan on investing in more than one podcast. Put your ad money in that network and build a relationship.

Creative process and clever way to market products and services

As podcast listeners are spread across many platforms and networks, this is also a smart move.

Be a Podcast Guest

It is also beneficial to be a guest on someone's podcast in order to get your company's name out there.

Becoming a podcast guest has many benefits. By serving as a podcast guest, you can promote your business. It gives you the opportunity to gain credibility within the industry without putting in the time required to produce a podcast. If you want to mention where your products can be purchased, please avoid making too much of a sales pitch, and make sure to prepare thoroughly before the event!

In summary, your options are endless when it comes to the audio market, so there are many ways to ensure you reach the right people. You can find something that works for you and your brand based on your availability. 

Angela Young
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