a complete podcast production service

Cambridge Podcasts offers a complete podcast production service. We can take you through the process from concept to publication including storyboarding, scriptwriting, interviewing, editing, mixing and mastering through to tailormade audiograms for your social media channels. We can even compose a piece of music or jingle just for you. Whether you simply need an audio file mixed and mastered or your hand held throughout the process, we can meet your podcasting needs. We can also offer voice coaching and presentation training

Podcast Launchpad Services

If you are organising an event such as a conference or trade fair, you can reach a far wider audience and generate interest long after your event has taken place with a round-up podcast. Featuring interviews with organisers, sponsors, speakers and visitors, we can recreate the excitement of the event and package it up into one vibrant podcast
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Podcast Series

For conferences, lectures, festivals or other events- you can extend the buzz with a series of podcasts featuring keynote speakers. Choose your format form one main presenter, a double header or a round table discussion.
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Ongoing Podcasts

For ongoing events or marketing projects, we can create a podcast series with regular updates to engage your listeners and create anticipation for more information on your products and services., Make sure you are established as the go-to person or company in your field.
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We do more than just hit record

Voice Coaching

If you would like to present your own podcast, our experienced media coach will train your in-house staff to be the voice of your company, product or service


We can advise on music choice or arrange for a composer to create your own music bed for your podcast series

Artwork Design

Artwork that makes your podcast stand out from the crowd by our in-house designer. Whilst podcasts are all about audio, to get people to listen, you need an image which accurately represents your brand and gets people to listen to your message

Social Media

We can advise on social media tools to link your podcast to you other communications platforms such as audiograms, optimised thumbnails and more for maximum value and effect

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