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Cambridge Podcasts offers a complete podcast production service. We can take you through the process from concept to publication including storyboarding, scriptwriting, interviewing, editing, mixing and mastering through to tailormade audiograms for your social media channels. We can even compose a piece of music or jingle just for you. Whether you simply need an audio file mixed and mastered or your hand held throughout the process, we can meet your podcasting needs. We can also offer voice coaching and presentation training

Podcast Production Services

The best podcasts are a blend of expertise, content, and production so that their listeners will keep listening. A successful podcast depends largely on production, and knowing how to do it right is equally important. We're here to help you deliver the right balance.
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Podcast Launchpad Services

It is our job to take your ideas from concept to reality. Our Podcast Launchpad service is designed to advise and strategise your podcast project, right from planning to recording to publishing. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned podcaster, we’ve got you covered.
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Podcast Promotion Services

Your podcast is finished and you’re ready to present it to the world and for it to be discovered. Get your podcast uploaded to where its target audience will hear it. If you’re feeling like your series lacks the buzz it deserves, you can benefit from using our Promotion services.
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From £99
You want to tell your story and connect with your audience in a deep & powerful way. Podcasting is the perfect platform for this - but where do you start?

These are all perfectly valid questions and you need them answered before you hit record. It is easy to spend a lot of time and money on the wrong approach. This is where 1:1 consulting can help.

We answer all of your questions and offer professional guidance to ensure you get creating podcasts that connect with the right audience. To learn more how we can help, we offer a free, no obligation chat to see if a consultation package can help you?
Can I record from my laptop?
Do I need a microphone?
What is an interface?
What's the ideal length for a podcast?
How many episodes in a series?
How often should I release episodes?
How do I make the audio better?
How do I upload to Spotify and Apple Podcasts?
How do I market them and in what form?


From £75
You already have some podcast material and audio recordings but are in need of high quality production to take it to the next level.

Maybe you have an audio file – perhaps its recorded on your computer or device, maybe your phone. It could even be a Youtube file. But listening back you can hear an ambulance go past or your microphone cable crackles. Or you have two audio files you would like mixed. In this case, a production service is what you need – send us your audio file and get back a broadcast quality mixed and mastered piece of audio. We have three prices – for files less than 30 minutes, for 30 – 45 minutes and for 45 minutes to an hour. Drop us a line or call us now to discuss your needs

Full Series

Our ‘Full Podcast Series’ service is the complete podcast series service. We build your podcast from ideas, storytelling, connecting with the right audience, high quality production and ongoing support.

Have a listen to our flagship series Pixels from a Crime Scene which was downloaded 30,000 times and made with our award winning production team to see what we can do for you. Seven million people a week listen to podcasts. Make sure they are listening to you.

The price for a full podcast series will be dependent on a few factors such including the length and formats of each episode.

We do more than just hit record

Voice Coaching

If you would like to present your own podcast, our experienced media coach will train your in-house staff to be the voice of your company, product or service. Click here for more about our Production Services.


We can advise on music choice or arrange for a composer to create your own music bed for your podcast series. End-to-end podcast services are just a click away with our Production Team.

Artwork Design

Artwork that makes your podcast stand out from the crowd by our in-house designer. Whilst podcasts are all about audio, to get people to listen, you need an image which accurately represents your brand and gets people to listen to your message

Social Media

We can advise on social media tools to link your podcast to you other communications platforms such as audiograms, optimised thumbnails and more for maximum value and effect. Find out more about our Podcast Promotion Services.

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